FAQ eAcademy

Why eAcademy?

  • Courses by and for experts and everyone who wants to become one
  • Comprehensive, personal support
  • Direct application
  • Practical examples of successful companies
  • Bring your own project & 1:1 project coaching
  • Attractive discounts on company licenses

Can the content of the eAcademy courses be imported into other e-learning systems?

The eAcademy is more than just a provider for learning nuggets - it offers a holistic and individual learning experience. This only works through our own system. Therefore, the courses cannot simply be imported into other systems. Individual elements of the courses can be used in other e-learning systems, of course.

Do I have to download anything to use the eAcademy?

No. You can simply use the eAcademy via your browser on any mobile device.

Will the learning content be updated?

Yes, we update all content regularly. Thanks to our frequent quality assurance, the eAcademy content is always up to date.

Which languages does the eAcademy feature?

The majority of the courses are in German. The first eAcademy course is already available in English – we are working on more English content in the meantime.

There are already so many online academies. How does the eAcademy differ from the other systems on the market?

We are aware that an online academy is no longer a niche - but we do it differently than other systems. If you are here, you may have decided against another online academy. We'll explain why it's worth to rethink learning:

The eAcademy focuses on business-relevant topics that are up to date and have a strong practical relevance. Not only the contents, but also our experts are in direct contact with our customers and let their success stories flow into the videos.

In addition, we throw the usual e-Learning mentality over. An online compulsory training course? No, thank you. The eAcademy works holistically, individually and thus motivates the learners to self-directed and autonomous learning.

Our Learning Contents are packed into small nuggets (appetizers) between 1.5 and 4 minutes, so that a learning session can be perfectly integrated into a full day of work.

From screen into real life: With Action Tips and Put it into practice building blocks, the learning content can be directly applied to your professional practice.

Do you have any further questions? A coach as a sparring partner supports you individually and completes the eAcademy to personalize your learning experience.

Please see for yourself.

What is the difference between Action Tips and Put it into Practice’s?

Action Tips serve as information and a call to think further. Put it into Practice modules establish a link between theory and professional practice and provide you with concrete tips for implementation.

Do I need previous knowledge to learn with the courses?

No, all courses are suitable for learners without prior knowledge. We believe that the right mindset is crucial for learning success. That's why you can start with us at any learning level and develop your knowledge and skills individually from there.

Do I get a certificate when I complete a course?

Yes, you will receive a certificate confirming the knowledge you have acquired about the learning contents after successfully completing a course. If you book additional coaching, you will also receive personal feedback from your coach.

How long do the courses last?

Each course contains between 3 and 5 hours of learning nuggets. In addition, there is the optional processing of Action Tips and Put it into Practice modules. You can individually adjust your learning pace to suit your everyday professional life.

Can I also register as a single user?

Yes, you can. We want to make learning as accessible as possible. That is why we not only offer company licenses, but also single bookings. For company licenses, we offer individually tailored discount models upon request.

Who are the people behind the eAcademy?

The eAcademy is the new product of the Haufe Akademie from beautiful Freiburg in the Black Forest. The Haufe Academy is part of the Haufe Group. The Haufe Group has been operating transformation management with great success for more than 70 years.

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