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Frequently asked questions

I don’t have my own LMS. How do I manage learners on the eAcademy platform?

The eAcademy offers a Team Management Cockpit. Here you can register learners on courses, add coaching, and see an overview of the current progress of your teams. Within the framework of the cockpit, you can purchase discounted eAcademy courses for your entire team.

Can the eAcademy courses be imported into other learning systems?

The eAcademy courses can be easily integrated into other systems, such as a Customer LMS, via a SCORM connector. This is done by exporting a customer specific SCORM connector from the eAcademy for each course ordered. The required number of licenses per course is stored in the eAcademy. You receive a SCORM 1.2 package for each course, for integration into your LMS.

Individual elements of the eAcademy courses can of course be integrated into other e-learning systems. Integration via SCORM-Connector or direct use via the platform in the browser is recommended for the holistic learning experience which is what the eAcademy stands for.

When will I receive the course certificate?

After successful completion of a course the learners will receive a certificate confirming the knowledge they have acquired about the course content. A completed course is one in which they have advanced their personal project and met all their set milestones. It is not necessary to have looked at all learning contents. If the learners opt for personal coaching, they will receive feedback from their coach on the certificate.

Do I need previous knowledge to learn with these courses?

No, all courses are also suitable for learners with no previous knowledge. We believe that the right mindset is essential for learning success. Therefore, everyone can start at any level and develop themself individually from there.

Which payment methods do you offer?

The courses can only be purchased by invoice. These are delivered by email after order confirmation. We are working hard on offering other payment methods and will keep you updated.

Are your courses continuously updated?

Yes, we update all contents regularly. Thanks to our tight quality assurance, the eAcademy contents are always up-to-date.

There are already so many online academies. How does the eAcademy differ from other systems on the market?

We are aware that an online academy is no longer a niche, but we approach it differently to others. If you are reading this, you may have already decided against another online academy.  We’ll explain why this decision will be worth your while.

The eAcademy focuses on business-related topics, that are up-to-date and can be practically applied. Not only are the contents current, but the experts are in direct contact with clients and share their success stories in the videos.

Additionally, we throw the standard e-learning mentality out of the window. Compulsory online training?  No thanks! The eAcademy works holistically and individually and thus motivates the learner towards self-directed and autonomous learning.

From your computer screen into real life: with Action Tips, Exercises and Put it into Practice building blocks, you can apply the learning content in your daily work and try out what you have learnt.

In each course, Cheat Sheets that serve as reminders which summarize the most important points are made available.

There are still questions at the end of the course? A personal coach who acts as sparring partner is there to support individually and completes the eAcademy for personal learning experience.

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